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Add Sweet Smelling Mogra Plants to Your Garden

by Onlineplantscart, 13 Jan 2024

Mogra plants, also known as Arabian jasmine or jasminum sambac, are a popular type of jasmine plant known for their beautiful and fragrant flowers. Native to tropical Asia, mogra plants are now grown around the world for their ornamental and medicinal properties. 


If you're looking to add some sweet floral scent to your garden or home, mogra plants make an excellent choice. Their small white blossoms have an intoxicating, sweet smell reminiscent of honey that permeates the area around the plant. The flowers are also used to make jasmine oil and tea. Some even claim the scent of mogra flowers can uplift mood, reduce anxiety, and promote relaxation.


When grown outside in warm climates, mogra plants can reach over 10 feet tall. But they also make good container plants and houseplants if proper care is provided. Mogra plants for sale can often be found at local nurseries and garden centers, but you may have the best luck finding this beloved plant online. 


Mogra plant online retailers offer a wide selection of sizes from young starter plants to larger, mature bushes ready to bloom. Ordering online allows you to have the plants conveniently shipped directly to your door. Look for sellers that package the bare root or potted plants well to prevent damage during shipping. 


If buying locally, visit your local plant nurseries and shops to see their selection of jasmine plants. Tell the staff you’re specifically looking for mogra plants to ensure you find this fragrant variety. Ask questions about the plant’s growing habits and care to determine if a mogra plant would thrive in your garden. 


Caring for mogra plants requires warm temperatures, plenty of sunlight, and moderate watering once established. The plants prefer humidity so misting the foliage can help them thrive indoors. With the proper growing conditions, mogra plants will produce clusters of sweetly scented white flowers throughout spring and summer. Prune the plant after flowering to encourage more blooms.


So if you’re looking to shop mogra plants online for your home or garden, get growing with this intoxicating jasmine beloved for its unmatched floral fragrance. Order mogra plants near me online or check your local nurseries for availability to bring a little floral magic to your space. The scent and beauty of mogra blossoms is a joy.