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Gardener's Choice: Best Succulent Plants to Buy in 2024

by onlineplantscart, 26 Dec 2023

Do you know why succulent plants are highly in demand over the past few years? Because these beauties have a magnetic allure that mesmerizes all the plant lovers. There is something too awesome about succulents. They can fit in both indoor as well as outdoor garden areas. The diverse variety in shapes, colors, and sizes of these water-storing, resilient succulent plants makes them a popular pick. Here are the best cactus plants you should buy in 2024:

1. Aptenia Cordifolia Green (Baby Sun Rose):

The baby Sun Rose (Aptenia Cordifolia) is known for their glossy, heart-shaped leaves with a striking green shade. This charming succulent is a low-growing perennial that is not just visually appealing but also a great way to suppress weeds. You can keep them in drought conditions as well as heavy sunlight, they can successfully tolerate the extreme conditions. The daily-like delicate flowers in the pink and purple hues add a punch of delightful colors to your garden. You can surely buy succulent plants in 2024.

2. Lantana Small Plant

Guess who has got stunning blooms? Obviously, it is Lantana small plant. People love to decorate these compact-sized beauties in hanging baskets or for covering the ground. It has colorful tubular flowers in tiny clusters. You will get to see the shades of red, pink, orange, and even yellow. Do you like butterflies? These plants attract the pollinators like butterflies. This will make your garden look lively and dynamic. Look for succulent plants nursery and add this pleasant plant to your garden.

3. Jade Plant (Crassula Ovata): 

This is a classic succulent plant known to be a popular choice among gardeners. The Jade plant is an easy-to-care beauty with its fleshy and thick appearance. You can bring prosperity and good fortune to your home by planting this charming green piece. If you have bigger aspirations, you can buy these succulent plants online and transform the Jade plant into a small tree. All you need is a unique focus point in your planting area. 

4. Crassula Capitella Campfire:

Are you planning to buy succulent plants in 2024? Well, it is going to be a great idea. Plants like Crasuula capitella Campfire can add a fiery touch to your garden. It has got these stunning red and vibrant orange shades the tips of leaves just like the blazing campfire. This plant can thrive in partial sunlight as well as in well-draining soil. You can definitely consider this versatile and visually appealing plant for expanding your plant collection.


To sum up, there are a lot of alternatives available for gardeners to explore when it comes to succulents, but these four stand out as some of the best succulent plants to buy in 2024: Aptenia Cordifolia Green, Lantana Small Plant, Jade Plant, and Crassula Capitella Campfire. These succulents promise to bring beauty, hardiness, and a hint of elegance from nature to your yard, regardless of your level of gardening experience. In the upcoming year, buy the best succulent plants in Delhi at and embrace the delights of succulent gardening.