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How to Care For Bougainvillea Plants

23 Dec 2022


Bougainvillea Plants are native to tropical regions and require a good deal of sun for optimal growth. Although some varieties can tolerate partial shade, they will not produce the same amount of flowers if they are kept in a part-shade environment. They will also produce sparse foliage and flowering will be less spectacular. If you have limited space or a windowless area, it is best to plant bougainvillea plants in full sunlight.

Bougainvillea Plants require regular watering. You should water them two or three times a week. They are prone to thorns, so you should be extra careful when planting them near walkways. You should also keep an eye out for bugs, such as mealybugs. These white, cotton-like insects feed on new growth on bougainvillea leaves and can cause yellowing and even dying leaves. These insects can be fought with the use of neem oil.

Bougainvillea Plants need very little water once they have reached maturity, but they do need fertilizer, which is best applied in spring or early summer. Bougainvillea Plants also require regular pruning. If you plan to plant them in the ground, make sure you have well-drained soil.

While bougainvilleas are relatively easy to care for, they can still cause problems. If they are exposed to dry air or cold temperatures, they will lose their leaves. Depending on where you live, you may want to choose varieties that will survive in those conditions. Bougainvilleas are drought-resistant and don't require a lot of water, although they need more moisture in hot weather.

Cherry Blossom Bougainvilleas look like cherry blossom trees and are an excellent choice for hanging baskets. These beauties bloom late spring and into early summer. If you live in a hardiness zone nine or ten, you can try growing Cherry Blossom bougainvilleas in your garden.

Bougainvillea plants grow best in sunny locations with a good climate and average soil temperature. Typically, they need to be kept at 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. You should also rotate them around the house to provide them with ample light. Bougainvillea plants are also a good candidate for indoor bonsai.

Bougainvillea is a relatively easy plant to grow, but it does require special care. It grows best in well-drained soil. Loam soil is best as it contains clay, sand and silt. It should also have a pH of six or higher. You can use potting mix to adjust the acidity of the soil if needed.