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Plants For the Office

23 Dec 2022

Adding indoor plants to your office is an excellent way to give it a more welcoming feel. Some plants to consider are the Ten Commandments plant, Weeping fig, Gerbera daisy, and aloe vera. These can make your office feel more like a living room than a work space.

Ten Commandments plant

A Ten Commandments plant in an office is a great way to bring a little peace to your workplace. This plant has velvety dark green leaves that have a slight purple or reddish tint to them. Also known as the Prayer Plant, this plant tolerates low light and can survive for months without water. It produces small purple flowers and is low maintenance, making it an excellent plant for an office.

Weeping fig

If you're looking for a plant that looks great in your office but lacks the space for a real tree, you can buy a weeping fig. These plants do well in bright rooms, but they are best in indirect light. Weeping figs also tolerate moving around well, so you should be able to move them to a sunny spot.


Aloe plants are a great choice for office decor because of their health-promoting properties. Plants should be placed in a bright, sunny area. When left without sunlight, the plant will go dormant. Aloes need about two-thirds of their pot's soil to grow. Don't overwater the plant though, as too much moisture can cause root rot. Watering your aloe once or twice a month should keep it healthy. If it is too dry, it might be time to move it outside. Make sure to move it slowly, as you don't want to damage it.

Gerbera daisy

Gerbera daisy make great plants for the office because they are bright and cheerful. They require a deep watering once or twice a week, and need a lot of sun. They can be planted in a single pot, but you should make sure to give them ample space to grow. You should also prune them regularly after they bloom.

Oxalis Triangularis

Choosing Oxalis Triangularis plants for your office is a great way to bring a beautiful plant into your space. The plant likes slightly moist conditions, so be sure to keep it moist and give it a good soak. Be sure to add drainage holes to the pot, as if there are no holes the roots will rot. This plant can also go into a dormant period, so keep an eye out for this.

English ivy

English Ivy is a plant that grows with aerial roots along its twisting stems. It can be planted any time of the year and will eventually fill a normal-sized pot. After about two to three years, the plant will need to be re-potted because its roots will begin to spill out of the drainage holes in the pot. English Ivy does well in a variety of potting mixes and prefers a moist environment.

Peace lily

Peace lilies are easy-to-care for, decorative plants that clean the air. They don't require direct sunlight and can thrive in rooms with no windows. They also don't seem to attract insects. The white flowers of this tropical plant are the perfect touch for your office.