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Aglaonema Cutlass Plant - Chinese Evergreen Plants

Aglaonema Cutlass Plant - Chinese Evergreen Plants

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Aglaonema Cutlass Plant - Chinese Evergreen Plants


Aglaonema Cutlass, also known as Aglaonema Siam Aurora, is a cultivar of the Aglaonema plant. It is native to Southeast Asia and is known for its vibrant, variegated leaves that are typically green with white or cream-colored stripes. Like other Aglaonema plants, Aglaonema Cutlass is often grown as a houseplant and is relatively easy to care for. It prefers well-draining soil and indirect sunlight, and it is important to avoid overwatering to prevent root rot. The plant is also known for its ability to purify the air by removing harmful pollutants from the environment.


One of the easiest to grow houseplants, Aglaonema has spectacular bright coloured foliage that looks like its a part of your home. It's stylish leaves look gorgeous on desks or tabletops, as well as coffee tables and side tables in dens, living rooms, and bedrooms.


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