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 Aprajita (Blue) - Vishnukanta Plant -अपराजिता - विष्णुकांता का पौधा

Aprajita (Blue) - Vishnukanta Plant -अपराजिता - विष्णुकांता का पौधा

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Aparajita Plant & Flower


This Aparajita is an evergreen plant belonging to the Fabaceae species, which mainly grows in the form of a creeper. This plant looks very beautiful with its attractive flowers and it is also more famous for this. Let us tell you that this plant is known as Shankhpushpi in many regions and in English it is also known as Asian pigeonwings, bluebellvine, cordofan pea and Darwin pea. To get complete information about this plant, you read our article carefully. Know the flowers, leaves of this plant and their medicinal properties and other features, etc.


Aparajita Plant Introduction 


Aparajita or Shankhpushpi is a perennial herbaceous plant, which is mainly known for its beautiful flowers. It is a fast growing plant, which can grow up to about 1 to 2.5 meters. This plant mainly grows in the ground in the form of a type of creeper and vine, due to which it is also planted as an ornamental plant. Very little effort and care is required to grow this plant. Its roots form symbiotic associations with soil bacteria known as rhizobia. It is suitable for growing in all types of soils ranging from sandy soil to heavy clay.


The flowers of this Aparajita or Shankhpushpi plant are generally in blue color and light yellow color from inside. The length of this flower is about 4 cm and the width is around 2 to 3 cm. Let me tell you, these beautiful flowers bloom from the month of June to the end of November and its flowers are followed for a long time. Let me tell you that its flowers are blue as well as white, which are rarely seen. Its fruits are around 5 to 7 cm long in flattened shape and a new plant can be formed again from the seeds found inside the fruit of this Shankhpushpi.


English Name: Asian pigeonwings, Bluebellvine, Cordofan pea, Darwin pea

Scientific Name: Fabaceae

Hindi Name: अपराजिता, शंखपुष्पी

Family: Fabaceae – Pea family


How to Take Care Aparajita Plant


If you want to plant these plants and take advantage of them, then it will not be a very difficult task for you as it usually does not take much effort to take care of it. So let us know how these plants should be taken care of.


  • This plant is grown from its seed and its plant is well prepared for planting, which you can also get from your nearest nursery.
  • After planting this plant, till it is well planted, keep watering it daily.
  • You should plant this plant in a place where the first sunlight of the morning can reach very easily so that your plant will grow with time.
  • Never allow these plants to lack water, otherwise their roots can dry out, causing your plants to die.
  • If you want, you can cut and prune it from time to time to make your plants beautiful.

Uses and Benefits of Aparajita


The use and benefits of this Aparajita or Shankhpushpi plant are described as follows.


  • The herb made from this Aparajita is used to improve throat related problems.
  • A type of paste is made from the root of this Shankhpushpi plant and it is applied on the skin, which increases the glow of the skin.
  • By using it, our eyesight improves.
  • This may be useful for children with brain development problems and impaired cognitive function.
  • The beneficial medicinal properties in it help us a lot in getting rid of fever, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and other diseases.
  • It can prove to be very beneficial for people with weak memory.
  • It helps a lot in getting relief from indigestion and intestinal problems.


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Aprajita Plant (Blue) - Vishnukanta Plant -अपराजिता - विष्णुकांता का पौधा Clitoria ternatea a perennial leguminous flowering herb belonging to the Fabaceae family and commonly known as blue pea, butterfly pea and Darwin pea.This wonderful twining plant generously bears quite large flowers which are a beautiful shade of vivid cobalt blue with a white throat

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