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Barrel Cactus (Yellow)

Barrel Cactus (Yellow)

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Barrel Cactus (Yellow)

Barrel cactus is a popular addition to any succulent collection. This plant is so easy to care for, and it thrives in low light conditions. It has a beautiful yellow color that will look great in any room.

Golden Barrel Cactus Care

Light- A barrel cactus does best in a very sunny window, perhaps a southern exposure. Plants that do not get enough sunlight will grow slowly and fail to thrive.

Temperature- While the plant favors warm, dry conditions, the cactus can tolerate temperatures down to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Water- Water infrequently, and ensure that the soil drains completely. Do not leave any water sitting in the tray or allow them to sit in water. Golden Barrel cacti are very prone to root rot.


Soil- A cactus soil mix is ideal. If you use a regular peat-based mix, be sure to add sand or extra perlite to enhance drainage. 

Fertilizer- Feed with a weak liquid cactus fertilizer throughout the growing season.

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