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Boston Fern - Air Purifier

Boston Fern - Air Purifier

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Product details

Boston Fern - Air Purifier Nephrolepsis exaltata bostoniensis 


Landscape Use

As an indoor fern, it is perhaps best for pedestals or hanging baskets. Locations in or near bathrooms or kitchens may have better humidity.. 


Care Instruction

In general, ferns are low-maintenance and hardy, but they do require a bit of upkeep. Ferns require a lot of indirect bright light and not direct sunlight. You can keep it in balconies but make sure no direct sun falls on the leaves. As the ferns have fragile leaves, they tend to burn.

Ferns in general love humidity. You can spray in the air above the fern and let the mist settle on leaves. Most ferns like an evenly moist soil with regular waterings. Water them daily but just enough to keep the soil moist and not wet. Allowing the soil to dry out between waterings stresses these plants. 

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