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Gomphrena Mixed Seed - Summer Flower Seeds

Gomphrena Mixed Seed - Summer Flower Seeds

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Gomphrena Mixed Seed


Gomphrena Mixed Seeds are a beautiful mix of flower seeds that produce vibrant blooms great for gardens, planters and bouquets. Containing several varieties of Gomphrena, also known as globe amaranth, these seeds will grow into an assortment of colors like pink, purple, red and white. Globe amaranth is a popular flower plant grown for its unusual round flower heads that resemble pom poms or clover balls. The flowers last a long time and are great for drying. Gomphrena Mixed Seeds are an organic and easy to grow option for those looking to add lovely blooms to their outdoor spaces. Just sow the seeds directly into sunny garden beds or containers in spring after all risk of frost has passed. Within a few months you'll have an eye-catching display of different colored globe amaranth flowers that will attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your yard. Pick up a packet of Gomphrena Mixed Seeds online today at a low price and enjoy this low maintenance, colorful flower garden favorite.


Benefits of Growing Gaillardia:

✓ Vibrant, long-lasting blooms
✓ Drought-tolerant and low-maintenance
✓ Attracts pollinators like bees and butterflies
✓ Versatile for use in gardens, borders, and containers
✓ Easy to grow from seed

Planting Gomphrena Mixed Seeds:

• Choose a sunny location with well-draining soil
• Sow seeds directly outdoors after the last frost
• Space seeds 12-18 inches apart
• Water regularly until seedlings emerge
• Thin seedlings to the strongest plants

Frequently asked questions about Gomphrena Mixed Seeds:


1. What is the germination time for Gomphrena seeds? 
Gomphrena seeds typically germinate within 10-14 days under warm conditions. 


2. How far apart should I plant Gomphrena seeds? 
Space seeds 6-8 inches apart when planting directly in the garden bed or containers. 


3. How long do Gomphrena flowers last? Gomphrena blooms will last several weeks on the plant. 
Cut stems will remain fresh in bouquets and arrangements for 1-2 weeks.


4. When is the best time to plant Gomphrena seeds outdoors? 
The best months for direct seeding Gomphrena outdoors are spring after last frost through early summer.


5. Can Gomphrena plants be grown indoors? While Gomphrena prefers outdoor growing, 
it can be started indoors 4-6 weeks before last frost for transplanting later. Provide plenty of sunlight.

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