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Gomphrena Purple Seeds - Flower Seeds - फूल के बीज

Gomphrena Purple Seeds - Flower Seeds - फूल के बीज

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Gomphrena Purple Seeds - Vibrant & Hardy Flowers for Your Garden


Gomphrena Purple is a lovely flower that produces vibrant purple blooms. The Organic Gomphrena Purple Plant Seed grows into a bushy plant covered in small, globe-shaped flowers. 


You can buy high quality Gomphrena Purple flower seeds online at our store, OnlinePlantsCart. Our Gomphrena Purple Seeds are non-GMO, pesticide free and grown without chemicals to give your flowers the best start. Sow the seeds indoors or plant directly in the garden in spring.


Gomphrena Purple flowers continuously all summer long and attracts butterflies. It is a great addition to any flower garden, planter or as a cut flower. The blooms can also be dried for long-lasting decorations. Pick the flowers to bring a pop of purple indoors too.


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