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 Jade Plant (Pack of 1)

Jade Plant (Pack of 1)

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Jade Plant 

The Crassula Ovata is commonly known as the Jade Plant. It is a well-branched and evergreen ornamental shrub used in drought tolerant and succulent gardens. Their blue-green foliage creates a delightful constrasting appearance when used in combination with dark green plants. 

  • Plant Name: Jade Plant
  • Type: Succulent
  • Suitable Location: Indoor
  • Container Type: Pot
  • Height: 200 mm

Jade Plant Care Tips

Jade plants are beautiful indoor houseplants that look great in any room. They're also easy to care for and propagate themselves, making them an ideal choice for beginners.


Choose the Right Size Container.
You'll need to choose the right size container for your jade plant. If you buy one too big, it will take up too much space and won't fit into smaller spaces. If you buy one that's too small, it won't provide enough light and air circulation.


Water Regularly.
It's very important to water your jade plant regularly. This helps keep the soil moist and prevents the roots from drying out. Make sure to use a deep watering method so that the entire root system gets wet.


Feed with Fertilizer.
You should feed your jade plant once every two weeks. A good fertilizer will help promote healthy growth and prevent any nutrient deficiencies.


Prune as Needed.
To keep your jade plant looking its best, prune back the leaves when they start to turn yellow. This will encourage new growth and make the plant look healthier.


Repot When Roots Start to Spread Outwards.
If you notice roots growing out of the pot, it means the plant needs repotting. You should wait until the soil dries before removing the plant from the pot. Then, use a sharp knife to cut away the old soil and add fresh potting mix. Water thoroughly after adding the new soil.

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