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Juhi Plant, Jasmina, Jessamine - Plant

Juhi Plant, Jasmina, Jessamine - Plant

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Introducing the Juhi Plant, Jasmine, Jasmina, Jessamine


Common Questions About Our Jessamine Plants Answered Here!


What is a jessamine plant?

A jessamine (also spelled jasmine) is a tropical flowering plant known for its sweet, powerful fragrance. There are over 200 species, ranging from vines to shrubs to small trees.


Are jessamine plants easy to grow indoors?

Yes, many jessamine varieties make excellent, relatively low-maintenance indoor plants. They can brighten up homes and offices with their lush greenery and intoxicating scent.


What kind of fragrance do they have?

Jessamine flowers produce an intense, sweet perfume often described as a mix of fruity, floral, and slightly musky notes. The aroma can fill up an entire room.


When do jessamine plants bloom?

Most varieties bloom in spring and summer when the days are longer. The small flowers may last only a few weeks, but the plants often rebloom in flushes throughout the warm season.


Do they need special care?

Jessamine plants like bright, indirect light, consistent moisture, and high humidity. Beyond that, they have basic needs similar to many other tropical houseplants. Prune to shape as desired.


Are jessamine plants pet safe?

Unfortunately, no. Jessamine plants contain solanine and other compounds that can be toxic to cats, dogs and other pets if ingested, so use caution around curious pets.


What's the best way to enjoy their scent?

Place jessamine plants in well-trafficked areas and occasionally give their foliage a gentle shake or mist to release their hypnotic perfume into the air around you.


Product Information

  • Plant Name- Jasmine Plant
  • Plant Type- Indoor/Outdoor/Flowering/ Air Purifying
  • Plant Grows upto- 10 to 15 ft
  • Plant Height we deliver- 10cm to 30cm
  • Plant Placement- Indoor/Outdoor





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