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 Wandering Jew Pant

Wandering Jew Pant

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Zebrina Pendula, Tradescantia Zebrina, Wandering Jew Pant Purple

Tradescantia zebrina, formerly known as Zebrina pendula, is a species of spiderwort more commonly known as an inch plant or wandering jew. The common name is shared with closely related varieties.


Rare Wandering Jew - Nanouk Pink - Tradescantia - 4" Pot. The pink variety of the Wandering Jew is absolutely gorgeous! If you hold it up towards the light, the underside of the pink leaves turn to neon and look incredibly bright. It makes a great hanging basket as well as a plant to add to your plant shelf. The Wandering Jew is incredibly quick to grow and can easily be started from cuttings as the leaves grow longer. They require bright indirect light and if it doesn't get enough, the colors will fade.

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